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Catering in Amsterdam 

Healthy, Delicious, and Efficient Lunch with Yummy Bowls!

Ditch the Bland, Boost Productivity: Yummy Bowls Delivers Delicious & Healthy Lunch to Amsterdam Offices!


Is your team tired of the same old lunch routine?

Say goodbye to greasy takeout and hello to vibrant, energizing bowls from Yummy Bowls!

We offer a hassle-free catering solution for busy Amsterdam offices. Our fresh, flavorful bowls, packed with healthy and delicious ingredients, will fuel your team for a productive afternoon.

Here's why Yummy Bowls is the perfect lunch choice:

  • Boost Morale & Energy: Our healthy ingredients keep your team feeling their best.

  • Variety & Customization: We cater to all dietary needs and preferences.

  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: We use local, seasonal produce and recyclable packaging.

  • Seamless Experience: We handle everything for you, ensuring a stress-free lunch break.


Don't settle for boring lunches!


Request a free quote today and elevate your office lunch experience with Yummy Bowls!


Call us at 020 737 1865 or visit our website for more information.



Hi Yummy Bowls,

Super bedankt nog! Ik krijg alleen maar complimenten over het eten. Het was heerlijk en super geregeld vanuit jullie kant.



I recently ordered from Yummy Bowls for a company dinner of about 50 people. The owner was extremely helpful, ensuring fresh ingredients, timely delivery, and beautiful presentation. I really appreciated her responsiveness throughout the week. Everyone really enjoyed the bowls and they were very tasty! My favorite was the Hawaiian Treasure. Thanks again for your help and we will definitely be ordering from Yummy Bowls in the future!


De Yummy Bowls hebben zeker gesmaakt! En het smaakt zeker naar meer dus het zou super fijn zijn als we inderdaad op rekening kunnen bestellen. Wil je me laten weten wat jullie hier voor nodig hebben?
Ik ben via Google bij jullie terecht gekomen en door de goede reviews besloten om bij jullie te bestellen 😊

Onze Klanten

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